Baby Yoda Spinning - Star Wars Enamel Pin
Baby Yoda Spinning - Star Wars Enamel Pin
Baby Yoda Spinning - Star Wars Enamel Pin
Baby Yoda Spinning - Star Wars Enamel Pin
Baby Yoda Spinning - Star Wars Enamel Pin
Baby Yoda Spinning - Star Wars Enamel Pin

Baby Yoda Spinning - Star Wars Enamel Pin

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Please read the entire description, there is important information within. This is the last run of these pins, they will not be back. 
These are more scratched than most of our pins, because the layers drag over each other and there are vast areas of plating with no enamel. After multiple samples, we can't seem to get this improved from the factory, so this is what we're calling standard grade for this pin. 

We were hoping that the front piece would not spin, but the manufacturers were unable to fix it in place. We have fixed it in place in this video with a bit of glue on the back, and you could easily do the same, but we don't guarantee it will last. We've asked the factory to weld the top layer, but they may still come in moving, and you should assume they will spin.

This all probably seems quite negative, but we don't want to give you false expectations. We actually really like it, and think the scratches add to its rundown look and make it look more realistic.  😉

Available as a second at

If you want to see a video of the sample, it's available at

  • 2 inches wide/tall
  • Silver Nickel Plating
  • 3 layers
  • 3 pin posts and rubber clutches

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