Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin
Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin
Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin
Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin
Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin
Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin
Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin
Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin

Fountain Guard Helm 3D pin

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Immerse yourself in the legacy of Middle-earth with our exceptional Fountain Guard's Helm pin. Worn by the valiant Fountain Guards of Minas Tirith, this helmet, adorned with intricate feather details, symbolizes the city's indomitable spirit and steadfast protection. The pin's soft enamel and 3D detailing allow for a lifelike representation of the renowned helmet. 🏰🛡️

📌 Pin Features:
Dimensions: Stands tall at 2 1/2" or approximately 65mm
Craftsmanship: Expertly dual-plated in both gold and silver for a magnificent finish
Texture: Features soft enamel infused with intricate 3D detailing
Attachment: Outfitted with 4 pin posts and complemented by 4 rubber clutches, ensuring unwavering attachment

🌟Available Pin Grades:
Standard Grade
Second Grade

🔍 Before making a selection, kindly refer to our FAQ on grading for comprehensive details.

👉 Legacy of the Guardians: From the drop-down menu, select your grade preference. By adorning this pin, honor the Fountain Guard's dedication to preserving the White City's glory.

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🌟STANDARD Grade: These pins are of high quality with occasional, minor imperfections that are typically not visible unless closely examined. Common minor flaws may include small scratches in the enamel or plating. Due to the handmade nature of pins, achieving 100% flawless pins is nearly impossible, especially under magnification. STANDARD pins are ideal for those who appreciate well-crafted, quality pins for their collections.
🌟 SECONDS Grade: SECONDS are imperfect enamel pins, offering an excellent and affordable opportunity to expand your collection. These pins may have one or more noticeable flaws, including, but not limited to: Scratches in the enamel or metal Tarnishing and Discoloration Inaccurate coloring Broken or missing posts Artwork errors Missing or low enamel Dust or dirt in enamel Obscured or missing metal lines Incorrect plating colors Please note that all sales for SECONDS are final, and they do not come on backing cards. We appreciate your understanding of the handmade nature of these pins, and we hope you find joy in collecting and sharing these unique pieces of art.

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