Plant Pin pack!

Regular price $15.00

Get 9 random seconds pins from the below pin list and one keychain from the keychain list for a super discounted price of $35!

Or, you can get just 4 random seconds pins and one keychain for $20!

Possible pins include:

  • Mr. Yeti
  • Chain of Hearts
  • Alocasia
  • Blush Cactus
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Pilea Peperomioides
  • Mr. Cactus (with a darker yellow)
  • Mrs. Cactus
  • Vegas Cactus
  • Cactusmas
  • Monstera
  • Heart Cactus
  • Happy Pilea

Possible keychains include:

  • Mr. Yeti 
  • Monstera

Read more about what our seconds are here.